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How It All Began...    

In 1957, a young man began his pursuit of the American dream. That dream was to raise a business from the ground up, provide peace and security for his family and bestow the same benefits to any honest and hardworking persons who wished to share in his efforts. 

From his humble garage in Ft. Worth, Texas, Bill W. Parker planted the seed for this dream, an appliance and bathtub refinishing business.  It wasn't long before Mr. Parker's reputation as a diligent, fair and respectable businessman reflected in the growth of his flourishing enterprise.    

In 1975, Mr. Parker purchased Appliance Parts Depot (APD) from Mr. Glen Dulin, who ran a solo operation selling Sub-Zero, Hardwick, Chambers, Scotsman, U-Line and Marvel appliance parts. 


Since that day, APD has excelled in selling quality appliance parts at accommodating prices while creating an unprecedented level of customer service.  This was accomplished by Mr. Parker passing his dream and values onto his family who have continued to see his vision through by surrounding themselves with friendly, honest people who genuinely care about their customers. 






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